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Welcome to the Dakota County United Educators Union

2020-2021 DCUE Executive Board Members PDF


Kate Kate Schmidt
Site: DCUE
Voicemail: x92451


Paul Paul Eckhoff
1st Vice President
Site: PV
Voicemail: x93916


Ryan Ryan Roseen
2nd Vice President
Site: VMSS
Voicemail: x92584


Jenifer Jenifer Stehr
Site: BHMS
Voicemail: x95612


Mike Mike Larson
Site: RMS
Voicemail: x92096


Robin Robin Mikiska
Site: VMSS
Voicemail: x33520


Tom Tom Snyder
Elementary School Rep 1
Site: SP
Voicemail: x92952


Karen Karen Griessner
Elementary School Rep 2
Site: GH
Voicemail: x92417


Joey Joey Mathews
Middle School Rep
Site: VMSS
Voicemail: x84838


Suzanne Suzanne Heilman
High School Rep
Site: EHS
Voicemail: x96577


Hilary Hilary Gallaher
Special Services Rep
Site: VMSS
Voicemail: x18784


Trina Trina Fifield
Special Education Rep
Site: DR
Voicemail: x37619




Anne Anne Eckhoff
Site: RE
Voicemail: x92155


Heather Heather Mathews
Legislative 1
Site: SV
Voicemail: x93527


Mary Mary Snyder
Legislative 2
Site: SP
Voicemail: x94273


Kristen Kristen Scarpetta
Professional Development 1
Site: EP
Voicemail: x94758


Jennifer Jennifer Engel
Professional Development 2
Site: EP
Voicemail: x94852


Shaun Shaun Lindquist
Site: VMSS
Voicemail: x18310