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Friday, September 17, 2021 
Serving teachers and nurses
of District 196.

The primary function of the Dakota County United Educators is to negotiate salaries, benefits, and working conditions for the teachers and nurses of ISD 196.

DCUE is also involved in establishing and offering quality professional development opportunities for members; a governmental relation program that promotes and supports individuals who are candidates for public office and who support public education; protection of members' rights through a process that is based on the concept of due process; and in community activities that support community organizations and recognize citizens for their role in our schools.

DCUE endorses

Sakawdin Mohamed for School Board.

group respect

DCUE endorses

Bianca Virnig for School Board.

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DCUE endorses

Art Coulson for School Board.

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DCUE Endorses Sakawdin Mohamed, Bianca Virnig and Art Coulson for School Board
School Board Endorsed Candidates

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